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Stone Knives
Blytheville , AR, US 72315-3039

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Stone Knives is a concept company which is dedicated to removing the use of stone knives, big rocks and the "just beat it until it fits" attitude from the manufacturing and computer industries. Odd as it may seem, it is still all too prevalent to use any heavy object that can be found to force-fit asssemblies or to design and implement computer systems that are not streamlined for the task at hand. Both are because of lack of knowledge and skills to implement better, cheaper and faster systems. I have the knowledge and skills to fix those problems in many cases.

If you want extended assistance, personal attention for a difficult computer problem or someone to walk you through any of the installation and setup procedures for Linux, I work by the minute. One(1)USD per minute, 6 minute discount per hour and 1 hour discount per 10 hour day. That essientially means that, for a full day's work, you only have to pay for an eight hour workday even though I will work ten hours.  Of course, anyone that I need to employ for assistance, I pay.  If you need such professional experience, by all means let us know how we can help you with your computer needs.


 * Stone Knives *
Blytheville, AR * US * 72315
(Address to change ASAP.)

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