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Folding at home with Linux
(翻译)=(übersetzen Sie)=(翻訳しなさい)=(번역하십시요)=(traduisez)=(traduca)=(traduza)=(traduzca)

Folding and building for humanity.
Click for info on protein 1ABO.
My first ' fold ', the protein 1abo.

Fold On!
The Folding@home project may be the very best use of a PC's spare CPU cycles. Find out for yourself why at Folding@home Home Page, then join the MandrakeLinux Team ( team # 12501 ).
To get started, read the instructions on this website.

Click the villin to learn how to run FAH on Linux.
The villin headpiece-s200.105.56.95.gif

MandrakeSoft Team( team # 1859227220 ) has retired after years of folding because the Genome At Home(GAH) project has completed( April 15, 2004 ).

Good work Team MandrakeSoft!

More later...


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