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The Linux portion of this website is dedicated to Mandrakelinux, now known as Mandriva Linux. Although techniques described therein may be applicable to other Linux distributions, it will be up to you to determine the best fit. By the way, using "stone knives and big rocks" are not allowed. :)

NB: Mandriva Linux does not need the following instructions. Mandrake Linux did way back in the day but no longer. Instructions kept here just because I can thanks to Lycos-Tripod, :).
Here is a How-To for installing Mandrake Linux 9.x without using a CD:
Stop! Don't burn that! ( text version )
Use the link " Mandrake HD Install " at top for the tables version.

Here is a simple firewall to become ' invisible ':
Casper ( text version ) Use the link " Firewall 101 " at top for the graphical version.

More to come...


The Green Witch logo-link above is for you to listen to some music while you visit, if you wish. Green Witch Internet Radio is on hiatus( cool logo tho', don't you think? ) so the link has been changed to WWOZ for Jazz, Blues, Cajun/Zydeco, Reggae & R&B F.U.N.K, Rock-n-roll, Country, Rockabilly, ... You name it... they play it. Dependent upon which DJ you get, you can hear most anything from WWOZ in ''nawhlens, luzanna''; it's deep South USA and they like to p a r - t e e in a lot of different ways. Just click on it to open new window or tab and select the program you want to listen. I recommend VLC and the "Goom" visualization to take a little break.

JICYDK, WWOZ was wiped-out, literally, by Hurricane Katrina, :(. After many months and a lot of support from all over the world, they came back to New Orleans(Dec '05) and have been going strong ever since.

As an option, the 3WK banner below will open a new browser window/tab and provide you with a choice of "underground radio" indie rock or classic rock, streamed from from St Louis, Missouri, USA, if your tastes are not so eclectic.

3WK Indie or Classic Rock Web Radio

Or you can try Icecast.org for icecast streams that will play in AmaroK, Totem, XMMS, ... even mpg123 if your stuck at a console.

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